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EZ-ROJ-1 iMX6 Smarc Module

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The cost effective, low profile industrial designed EZ-ROJ-1 module integrates a Freescale 1,2 GHz CORTEX A9 multi core low-power multimedia application processor with LINUX support ready.

A complete host Linux environment “ready to use” is available through a virtual machine disk image for Oracle ™ VM VirtualBox.

EZ-ROJ-1 SMARC BSP is provided through an open source Git repository located on GitHub.

Brochure EZ-ROJ-1 (ENG) Publication Date: 07.02.2018

BSP update on imx6 SMARC module (ENG) Publication Date: 02.05.2018

eMMC change on SMARC module

Reference Manual (ENG) Publication Date: 25.08.2015